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Everoak Brand


A open racing car streaks past inches from the bales, the determined eyes of the driver focus through oil splattered goggles, but it is the bright, plain, white peaked helmet that identifies this as one driver and no other, Stirling Moss.


This 'classic' corker style replica helmet is an exact replica of the helmet Stirling Moss bought from hatters Herbert Johnson in the late 50s and one he went on to use for wins with Mercedes, Vanwall, Maserati, Lotus and Rob Walker Ferrari.

The Everoak replica helmets now available are made just the way they were in the 1950 and 1960s.

These helmets are not intended for use as safety equipment, but as an exact replica in construction and materials of the helmets of the day for display or to blast down the lanes on a Sunday afternoon in your classic.


From club racing to F1, this was the helmet of choice on grids around the world. With temple protection, clip on visor and lined with the 'new' polystyrene material, this polycarbonate shell helmet was at the leading edge of helmet design.


The list of drivers who used a Racemaster is a roll-call of the great and good; Jack Brabham, Jim Clark, Innes Ireland, Graham Hill, Rodriguez, Stuart Lewis-Evans and Bruce McLaren all used a Racemaster helmet to good effect.

'Stirling Moss' style

The definitive 60s helmet


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